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KELEVRA_C01593 kills kabooom goes the ump9
KELEVRA_C015   I hav all of it recorded too
KELEVRA_ALMIGHTY   Pfft, I haven't played BF4 for months..

Still need to buy premium lol
COMMANDER   any way i can get that recording for the KTG montage im making
KELEVRA_C015please welcome c023 to the Castle compAny
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KELEVRA_C029   Glad to see you got yourself number, welcome to the team bro!
KELEVRA_C015Please welcome another Castle member C037
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KELEVRA_R001   welcome to KELEVRA!
3◇C   Welcome in brother!
KELEVRA_C037   Thanks for the warm welcoming guys, appreciate it!
KELEVRA_R001If you are wanting to play in matches, scrims then I need you to let me know so we can figure out who wants to be active in playing in them and so we can start setting them up again if you want to play. We have gone kind of dormant and we need to rise again. So who is in? hopefully we can get at least 8 or 10 people
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KELEVRA_R001   lets do it!! iv been practicing
3◇C   I'm in for sure.
GENERAL CASTLE   In for sure too!
Champford   joined KELEVRA SPEC-OPS
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2Bit   joined KELEVRA SPEC-OPS
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KELEVRA_C029   what system ye on?
KELEVRA_FLUFFY   hes a pc guy
KELEVRA_FLUFFYI got this build im gonna buy when i got a job and looking at what you guys think its cheap i can upgrade as time passes and get more money and i it performs well in my thoughts so what do you guys think [link]
System Build
PCPartPicker Part List: Intel Core i3-3220, Asus GeForce GTX 750, Cougar Solution RSB400 (Black)
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KELEVRA_ALMIGHTY   I wouldn't ever get a case with a PSU. It's low budget, and it's shit. It will most likely just wear out within a month, then you'll have crashes every 5 minutes.

Low budget case + Low budget PSU = 80$. Not worth it, at all.
KELEVRA_TURBO   You might even be more susceptible to power surges with a low end PSU. You can't get cheap parts when building a PC. I would suggest to save up more money and get less parts made by China.
KELEVRA_ALMIGHTY   Well, you can cheap down of a few things. Mainly graphics card as it's very easy to swap. But don't, ever do it on your PSU, motherboard or case. At least in my opinion.
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KELEVRA_C029Pleased to welcome 22_Castle to the Company and Kelevra Community! Keep up the good work brothers!
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KELEVRA_C029   created a new thread NEW GAME!! GHOST RECON PHANTOMS in the General Discussion forum
KELEVRA_C029***Birthday SHOUTOUT @KELEVRA_C20*** Happy 20th Birthday Brother!!
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RAZR   created a new thread TEST SERVERS!!! in the General Discussion forum
KELEVRA_TURBOAt 2:34 commander used to yell that at me all the time.
41 Funny BF3 Sounds You Didn't Know
Leave a like if you had to laugh! :D Even after nearly 2 yea...
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KELEVRA_C015   created a new thread scrims in the General Discussion forum
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